Welcome to the Moose Stop, Our Log Cabin in Medicine Bow National Forest, West of Laramie, Wyoming

This page contains the current status of the cabin's power system.

Real-time Solar Panel Status

Live view from Cabin

Outback FM80 Charge Controller

This section is directly from the charge controller. It contains information about the electrical system from the solar array to the batteries.

Failed to connect to the Charge Controller

Magnum MS4448PAE Power Center

This section comes from the inverter. It contains information from the batteries to the cabin usage.


Data Date: 2020-02-15 20:50:14 MST
Report received ago.
Battery Monitor (ME-BMK)
State of Charge: 96%
volts / amps: 55.45 VDC @ -1.8 amps (-99 watts)
Amp Hours In / Out: -15 amp hours
volts Min / volts Max: 47.00 VDC Min / 72.01 VDC Max
rAH / tAH Out:996.5 AH / 0.9 kAH
Inverter (MS4448PAE)
Status: Inverting
LEDs: LED for Inverter Inverting
LED for Battery Charging Charging
Battery Temperature:2°C / 35°F
Transformer Temperature:25°C / 77°F
FET Temperature:12°C / 53°F
AC Out:Approximately 121 volts AC @ 0 amps
AC In:Inactive.
AC Frequency:60.0
DC volts / amps:
(Values are approximate)
49.1 VDC @ 0 amps (0 watts)
Failed to connect to the Magnum Energy website.